Another day begins in paradise. The calendar tells me it's the first day of hurricane season. Can't wait for that ever year. Ever since Cathy got sick we have had the joy of seeing the kids every weekend. Thought about putting in more fencing around the yard but have decided against it for the moment. More important things to worry about. Have to have some work done on the car and finally got taxes sent out. It was the first time they were ever sent out late, but couldn't help it. Everything hit us at once back then. Finally got taxes back and used the money to buy the cable baseball package. Since we can't go anywhere and both of us love Baseball, we figured why not. Up to 10 games per night for 130 dollars. Not bad. It's the dead of Summer again, and things are pretty quiet. Cathy hasn't had Chemo in awhile, but at least she isn't on Hospice either. It's kind of like being in the Twilight Zone. Everday is the same. Back and forth from the Bedroom to the livingroom and the recliner. She has good bays and bad days. But she is always weak and tired. I feel very helpless that as her caregiver I can't due more for her. There's nothing worse than watching someone that you love slowly vanish before your eyes.


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