I guess my heart is still back in my home town of Rochester. It probably never left. And the older I get, the more I think about it. I miss certain things more than others. The changing of the colors and the mountains mostly. But the snow finally drove me out. If Florida just wasn't so darn flat I might be able to live with it. That's the only reason I'm still here: that dumb snow. Some people don't seem to mind it at all. They just take it in stride. I guess we're just warm bodies at heart. Of course, now that we are seniors, we could never survive a Winter in upstate New York. Maybe if we win the lottery some day, we can have a home in both places. I truly believe that if I could just go back one more time, that would be enough. Someone once said you can never go back, but I never bought into that theory. I have too many memories and too many old friends to see. Don't think that I hate Florida, though. We've had some great memories here too. We raised three wonderful children and now have two fantastic grandchildren that we see often. Life has been pretty good to us. There's not too many things we have left to do in our lives. How about a cruise? How about a little more travel? Our new home probably won't be finished inside and out until next year. Then we will take pictures and send them to everyone. End of Part 2.


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