It has been almost 4 years now since my retirement from Government Service. Not that I am complaining mind you, but it does have it's lonely periods. I knew it would be like this, but it's still better than going to that stupid job everyday. Retirement couldn't come fast enough for me. Spring is now upon us, which means soon we will all begin to sweat like crazy. Lord knows how much I hate Summers down here. But it's either that or shovel snow. We have lived in our new house for one year now and basically are used to it. We are 5 minutes away from our grandkids which everyone should be. This neighborhood has turned out to be bearable after all. Temperatures have been pleasant for the last week and when the wife feels better I hope to take her for a ride. One nice thing about living in a state thas 1500 miles of coastline-there's always something to see and do. Like every one else we all try and forget about the new hurricane season which is quickly approaching us. I guess that's the price you pay for living in a manufactured home. We are always the first ones that are asked to leave in a crisis. This past week the wife and I had a bombshell dropped on us. She has had Cancer for 8 years now and been under Radiation and Chemo. Unfortunately, her tests show that now too much of her Liver has been eaten away by the disease. The Doctor reluctantly gave her a month to live. But they have been wrong before and we intend to make sure it will happen again. After the initial shock, we simply decided to take it one day at a time and wait for a miracle. I try not to think about how my life will change after she is gone. We've known each other for 45 years and been married for 35. She is so many things to me. The love of my life, my driving force, my best friend, and the woman that gave me three beautiful children. Somehow I always felt that I would be the first to go. I really wish that I could take her on some kind of a vacation(even a small one). But we find ourselves totally tied down to this house.


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