Katrina and Rita are fading now. The rebuilding process begins for those living in the affected areas. Looks like it will be long and complicated. Those of us who reside in the Daytona Beach area consider ourselves very lucky indeed. It has been many years since a major hurricane hit us head on. We also know down deep that it's probably only a matter of time. It's a lot like living on the edge of a cliff. When the time comes, if it ever does, we can forget about our house. We live in a manufactured home, so we will be forced to leave it at the very first sign of trouble. There is also a lake behind our house, which makes the problem even worse. Anyway; enough about morbid things. It has been three years since I retired. I'll never forget my last night on the job. I was so excited I didn't really get too much work done, but I didn't care. About ten of my co-workers had a party for me. We had cake and ice cream and talked over old times. I go back once a year now just to say hello. There are many things I love about not working, but one in particular. The ability to go where you want, stay as long as you want, and then come home when you want. I used to work from 3:30 'til midnight. My wife and I would be doing something enjoyable when we would have to rush home so that I could get ready for work. It always irritated me immensely. Fortunately, working for the government all those years has meant that I won't have to get a part-time job. At least for now that is. End of Part 3.


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