One Florida couple strives to live out their sunshine years.

We moved into our new home about six months ago, but were not quite sure what to expect. Problem was, we had lived the last few years in a gated community in Ormond Beach, about fifteen miles North of here. To be honest, we had been spoiled. The rules had been very strict, but we had been happy about that. No children under 18, no motorcycles, and all dogs had to be on a leash. These were just some of the rules. It was the most quiet place we had ever lived in. Needless to say, my wife and I were in heaven. We felt totally safe every time we came through that front gate. We originally moved there to be near the hospital, due to my wife's medical problems. But, after a while, we startd to miss our grandchildren, who were about a thirty minute drive away. So, we had our son-in-law, who buys and sells homes, look for a suitable one for us. He found a 1982 manufactured home and we moved in February. The home was no problem but I wasn't so sure about the neighborhood. After what we had before, this was going to take getting used to. It was like living on another planet. Having been here six months now, things are getting better every day. We are getting to know our neighbors, who are very kind; but we will still be putting up aluminum fencing around our yard. Most of them have already done this to their own yards. It is now September and everyone in Florida is looking out for hurricanes. They say that no matter where you live in this country, you have to worry about mother nature in one form or another. Well, every year from June through December, we all put our lives on hold and watch the weather channel. I guess this is the price we pay for living in so called "paradise". My wife and I have lived here since 1985 and I have changed my opinion over the years. I remember my first few months here watching the sunrise come up every morning at the ocean. Now I'm lucky to see the ocean once every five years. The interest just isn't there any more. Funny thing is, that's one of the reasons we moved here to begin with. End of Part 1.


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