Thank goodness Fall is almost here. My favorite season in Florida is Wintertime because the temperatures are nice and cool. You don't need your a/c on, and you can actually leave your home and go for a walk without sweating yourself silly. One interesting thing about this state. Anything worth its salt always has water nearby. There are lots of lakes and fountains everywhere. The holidays will be coming up shortly. Always a great time to get together with the family. As usual, money will be tight this year too. We probably will do xmas the same this year as last. We all get together at our daughter's home for dinner and each person brings a gift not over a certain price. The wife and I started talking about a trip up to Rochester next year. Since we are both have diabetes this will require a lot of planning however. Probably end up renting a car using our AARP or AAA for a discount. When you live on a fixed income, you have to watch where every penny goes. You hate that cheap feeling, but you just can't help it. That's why many seniors go out to lunch rather than dinner. Prices are a lot lower. Hurricane Wilma passed through our state this week and left the southern part looking like shedded wheat. All we got was a lot of wind and rain. I try not to think about the fact that someday we will be the target. Tony and Dawn brought the grandkids over last night in their Halloween outfits. He was a cowboy and she was a princess. We had a total of 4 kids the whole night. Not very productive. For a solid week after Wilma, the temperature dropped to 50 at night, which is rough on us since our blood is so thin after 20 years here. I finished 4 weeks of dieting classes last week. Have lost 6 pounds so far and am now eating less. Learned a lot of great information. Cathy and I go to the mall once a week for our walk. One funny thing about retirement. It gives you a lot of extra free time, but you have to make good use of it or it will drive you crazy. I have my computer baseball and Cathy works on her genealogy as much as she can considering her trigger finger problems. We really enjoyed Thanksgiving at our daughter's home last week. Food was great and we spent the day with the grandkids. She cooked the bird and we brought all of the extras. Now that one holiday is over, we can make plans for the next one. It's only been the last few years since I retired that I have really started to enjoy Xmas. It was always way too hectic at the Post Office. End of Part 5.


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